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Confronted with a Restraining Order, or Order of Protection?

Have you received a Summons from the Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, or Bronx Family Court? If so, You Need Dedicated, Compassionate, Quality Legal Representation, Now.

You need legal representation. You need someone who cares. You need an attorney to vigorously fight for you, your family, your reputation, and your rights.

A person you were once close to has decided to take you to Court. Right now, you may have more questions than answers, you may wonder if you can afford quality legal representation.

I confidently defend those accused of committing a family offense, fighting for custody, or needing representation through a divorce, or any other lawsuit that your ex-partner, or loved one, may be throwing in your direction.

What you do now, counts.

It's highly advisable that you meet with an attorney who can jump into action for you immediately.

Whether you are in Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, or Queens--my office provides dedicated service to those being accused of Committing a Family Offense.

Under the New York Family Court Act, Article 8, the New York Family Court has vast authority to decide whether or not a Family Offense has occurred.

What is the Purpose of a Family Offense Petition Proceeding in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, Bronx, or any other Familyu Court in New York?

A family court proceeding is a civil proceeding and is for the purpose of attempting to stop the violence, end the family disruption and obtain protection. See N.Y. Court Family Court Act (“N.Y. F.C.A.”) § 812.

Who can File a Family Offense Petition Against You in New York?

  • A person related to you by blood or marriage

  • Someone you are or were legally married to

  • Someone you have a child with

  • Someone you were intimate with whether it is or was through dating, sexually, mentally, or spiritually.

Although a Civil Family Offense is Civil, and not always Criminal, the Elements courts use to determine whether a Family Offense has been committed are found in New York's Penal Laws--which are applied throughout New York.

It does not make a difference whether you've been accused of a Family Offense in Nassau, Long Island, New York, or Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, or anywhere else in New York. The elements of the offenses are all the same. The following are considered a family offense in New York:

  • Disorderly conduct, NY Penal Law § 240.20

  • Unlawful dissemination or publication of an intimate image, NY Penal Law § 245.15

  • Harassment, NY Penal Law § 240.25

  • Aggravated harassment, NY Penal Law § 240.30

  • Sexual misconduct, NY Penal Law(s), § § 130.30, 130.35, 130.40, 130.45, 130.50, 130.52

  • Forcible touching, NY Penal Law § 130.52

  • Sexual abuse, NY Penal Law § 240.75

  • Menacing, NY Penal Law § 240.75

  • Reckless endangerment, NY Penal Law(s), § § 120.25, 120.45

  • Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, NY PL § 121.11

  • Strangulation, NY Penal Law(s), § § 121.12, 121.13

  • Assault or attempted assault, NY PL § 120.05

  • Stalking, NY Penal Law(s), § § 120.60, 120.50

  • Criminal mischief, NY Penal Law(s), § § 145.05, 145.10

  • Identity theft

  • Grand larceny

  • Coercion, NY Penal Law(s), §§ 135.61, 135.65

You Have Not Committed Domestic Violence, But the Process Will Make Feel Guilty from Day One

Any domestic violence is unacceptable. There's too much of it in the world. However, there are numerous situations people have been accused of committing civil & criminal domestic violence that they haven't committed. Sometimes being falsely accused of a New York Family Offense is done to:

  • Have an advantage over you for other purposes—such as speeding up the custody process, exacting revenge, or unreasonably punishing you emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

In fact, you may never know why your ex is now trying to bring you into Court.

More often than not you find your ex is embellishing when recounting an argument, or past arguments, and now you’ve received a summons to appear before a judge to explain yourself.

Often times this can trigger a variety of emotions: you're confused, you don't know what to do next:

  • You wonder when you'll be able to see your child

  • When you'll be able to return home.

  • Why the Courts seem to be imposing restrictions of you without actual proof.

These are just some of the many questions that being served and wrongly accused of committing a family offense makes one think.

This is not only emotionally draining, it can be financially draining also. I strive to be as affordable as I am compassionate and accessible.

Should I Defend Myself?

The short answer is no. Although that may seem like a self-serving statement coming from an attorney, it is not. I became an attorney to make access to justice more affordable, more friendly, and more accessible to those around me. Instead of taking my word for it, I encourage you to google, "The Odds of Winning Pro se in Family Court."

Although this is not true in all cases, in most cases you do not have the training, understanding of:

  • Legal issues, how facts are applied to those issues

  • Court procedures

  • How to interpret the law

  • Direct of cross-examine witnesses

  • How to package your case for presentation to the Court.

These are only a few of the reasons not to represent yourself. In fact, it's the reason I became an attorney.

My goal is to provide quality legal representation, at an affordable cost, to improve access to justice.

You should not be fighting these kinds of accusations on your own.

Being Accused of a Family Offense, or Domestic Violence may Just be the Tip of the Iceberg

It is also common that your former significant other will hit you with other lawsuits. My office practices in a wide variety of matters--and are able to offer full-service solutions tailored to your needs. Depending on how financially entangled you are with your ex or your family member, you may find yourself in multiple Courts battling.

Very often your ex will not stop at accusing you of a family offense. They will start using the court system for many things, such as the division of property and assets.

Much of what you do from this moment will matter later in your case, will save you money, energy, time, and heartache. This is a crucial point in your case. You need an attorney who will fight lies with facts from day one.

I proudly represent those in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and throughout Suffolk and Nassau County.

You, your situation, and your best outcome are my number one priority. Don't just take my word for it--see what others say about me.


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