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Law Office of Victor M. Feraru Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgement on Ejectment

The facts of this case were daunting.

The trouble Defendant/Tenants took every opportunity he and she could to punish the Plaintiff landlords, including the violent assault of the landlord. To add insult to injury, Defendants stopped paying rent, caused significant property damage, and later posted bragging about taking advantage of Plaintiffs on the internet.

This case was filed during the Covid-19 Pandemic as an Ejectment as opposed to a Summary Proceeding.

Our office aggressively fought the case, filed a motion for Summary Judgment on Ejectment, Motion to Dismiss Affirmative Defenses, Won Partial Summary Judgment on Ejectment, and also disposed of a lion's share of the affirmative defenses--bringing the case that Defendants were milking and attempting to continue to its knees. They were out in less than two weeks from the judgment being rendered.

Fighting cases against trouble tenants is extremely difficult in the State of New York because of such robust housing laws. While our office believes that tenant rights are necessary, we also witness daily how those laws are used to take advantage of landlords.

Read the decision below:

Download PDF • 74KB


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